About the Owners

Bevan and Janell Woodbury are a dynamic Father Daughter Duo who have a love for everything nature.  Whether it is feeding the birds, bird watching, hiking through nature, or sitting on the porch, this family team has enjoyed it all. 

The Sacramento Wild Birds Unlimited was originally purchased by Bevan Woodbury and his Father Bryce Woodbury in 2003 from a previous owner.  The Father Son Team asked Janell Woodbury to run the business while Bevan continued being a C.P.A. at The Woodbury Accountancy Corporation.  After a year and a half Janell's love of the store prompted her to buy her Grandfather's share so he could focus on other endeavors. 

After about 5 years, with her love of nature intact Janell decided to head off to Law School and she entrusted the store to her long time employees.  After Law School Janell started The Woodbury Law Office, and incorporated a bird into her new business logo to pay tribute to her love of nature and her continued ownership of Wild Birds Unlimited. 

Janell not only loves nature, but she also loves board games and escape room games.   After a few years and an apparent love of entrepreneurial endeavors, Janell opened up Exit Strategy Games, an Elk Grove Escape Room, with intentions of expanding to Sacramento.  She's still trying to get all (not only part) of her beloved Wild Birds Unlimited employees to try out a corporate team building event. She's also disappointed she couldn't put a bird in her escape room logo. 

Bevan and Janell continue to own Wild Birds Unlimited while enjoying other professional careers, and hope to continue owning the Sacramento Wild Birds Unlimited for many years to come.